1. Application Process:- Gr. C and Gr. D employees must select the "Apply for ID card" option for a new ID card.
Ensure availability of a soft copy of a passport-size photograph and signature in JPEG format (less than 800 kb).
2. Manual Application Submission:- Download the manual application form from the provided link on the dashboard.
Complete the application form with accurate details and submit it to the supervisor.
3. Checking Application Status:- After submitting the online application, monitor the status in the "Check ID card status" tab.
Upon the status update to "Issued," download the ID card within 7 days from the "Downloaded Issued ID Card" Tab.
4. Upgradation or Changes:- During upgradation due to Promotion, Retirement, or Transfer, ensure the deletion of the soft copy of the old ID card. Return the hard copy of the old ID card to the supervisor.
Any misuse of outdated ID cards will hold the employee responsible for administrative actions and potential legal consequences.

Guidelines for supervisor
1. Request Handling:- Regularly visit the ASAN ID portal to review pending requests.
Ensure disposal of pending requests within 7 days from receiving them.
2. Application Review and Forwarding:- Upload the filled Manual Application form in JPEG format when confirming and forwarding to the Welfare Inspector.

Guidelines for Welfare inspector
1. Request Management:- Regularly check the ASAN ID portal for pending requests.
Aim to process and dispose of pending requests within 2 days of receipt.
2. Application Review:- Thoroughly review received applications.
Reject applications with discrepancies found during the review process.

These revisions aim to provide a clearer and more concise set of guidelines for each party involved in the ID card generation process, ensuring accountability and timely processing of requests

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